How To Get Your Coxswain

Ever wanted to know how to get your coxswain?

The best way to get a job on a commercial boat is to get a commercial qualification. The easy way to do that is to do one of our Coxswain courses

We do all 3 levels of Coxswain courses Coxswain Grade 3 Coxswain Grade 2 and the Coxswain Grade 1

No need to spend weeks in a classroom

You do most of the course when and where you want at home, or at work wherever. No need to spend weeks in a classroom! You actually only spend 1 day with us for coxswains 2 and 3 and 2 days with us for the coxswains 1 – thats all.

This is how it works

> You enrol online

> We send a boxed kit like the one seen in the video to you

> You then work your way through the kit

The Kit makes it easy it has all instructions telling you step by step what to do. You watch some videos, you do some reading and some study. It even tells you which things you really have to learn and which bits you don’t have to learn, but are worth reading. Then you do some written work, not much. It is a correspondence course, you have to show us you know certain things.

It will ask questions such as whats this?

If you know the answer, you just write – North Cardinal marker if you don’t know. It will tell you which video to watch or where to find the answer in the study books or online. Easy

Once you have answered all the questions in the workbook. We send you some exams to practice with to make sure you will pass the test on the final day.

Then on the final day, you meet up with one of our trainer assessors and they do the final practical session and the exams with you

You can do this on your own boat, if you have a commercial one available, or you can hire one. Any commercial boat will do, so long as it is under 12m.

We can come to you Australia wide

We do this all over Australia – no matter where you are – you can do it offshore on an island even – anywhere – we can come to you, or you can come to us. You choose.

You also don’t have to fit in with class dates – we can do the final practical and exams 7 days a week all around Australia, on demand to suit you.

Our trainers can fly to you or you can come to us to do the final day, 7 days a week.

You just book a date that suits you using our automated easy online booking system.

For more information specifically about what boats you can drive or where you can operate with a Coxswains Grade 1, 2 or 3 go to website

We don’t charge just one fixed price for the coxswains 3, 2 or 1. We allow you to customise it to suit your needs and to make allowance for what training you may already have done. So it will make deductions making your course cheaper if you have already done parts of the course elsewhere.

I will explain

All up there are 12 units of study, each unit has a cost. You can do the first 3 units and get the Coxswains grade 3 then upgrade by doing another 5 to get to the Coxswains  or you can just do all 8 units and jump straight to the Coxswains 2

The same applies to the Coxswains 1. You can do all 12 units up front, or you can work your way up from the coxswains 3 or coxswains 2 by just adding what units you need.

The smart booking system really makes it easy. You just tell it what you already have and what you want to get and it tells you the total cost.